Chiral Columns
Daicel HPLC columns are available for:
  • Analytical separations: start with the new immobilized columns for unrivalled stability and choice of mobile phases; choose from the original 10-micron columns where established methods exist based on them, the H Series higher efficiency coated phase 5-micron particles, reversed-phase, crown ether, ligand exchange, guard columns, and accessories.
  • Semi-preparative separations: scale-up your chiral separation using the same CSP as in the analytical columns. Also available in reversed-phase columns. Semi-preparative guard columns help extend the life of your column and contain 20-micron material for minimum pressure drop and maximum flow.
  • Preparative separations: expand your separation with 50 or 100 mm HPLC preparative columns packed with 20-micron CSP. These columns are water-jacketed and come with their own wheeled stand; installation and on-site testing included.
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